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There is a secret formula.

True value is created by owning valuable Intellectual Properties.  While windfalls can certainly be created (and realized) through profitable business models, solid product performance, and actualized monetization vehicles – those profit figures pale when compared to the value of owning properly managed IPs.  True value is found in the combination of creating, owning and correctly managing brands.

This is no secret.  Hasbro knows it.  Disney knows it.  Nintendo and every major movie studio know it.  But what is in short supply are leaders with the subject matter expertise and discipline to properly manage IPs to their true potential. 

That is what makes the team behind Creative Juggernaut unique.  We have that expertise.  We know the formula.  It’s only a matter of time…

Brent Evans

Catalyst Game Labs

Blaine Lee Pardoe

New York Times Best Selling Author

Kevin Hughes


Eric J. Crew

Generic Nerd

Brent Evans
Kevin Hughes


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