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The Clanbuster variant of the Black Knight has been shipped, and we have validated receipt last week! Keep an eye here and at Catalyst Game Labs for the imminent release any day now!


Get Featured on CJ's Website!

Send us your primered, your posed, your painted minis yearning to be seen, the black-washed figures of your Tukayyid prose. Send these, the shaded, dry-brushed to us, we lift our fans from amateurs to pros!
If you were one of the lucky individuals to get one of the first run Clanbuster Black Knight, we would LOVE to see what you've done with them! Please send us your pictures at because we would love to feature some on our website. We're making our dreams come true as huge fans of Battletech and creators, but it's your enjoyment and creativity that will keep us going. 
We look forward to seeing all the BL-9-KNT variations that you've created from the first multi-part variant mini for Battletech!

New Product Announcement!

Creative Juggernaut is pleased to announce the availability of our Tukayyid Salvage Bit Bags through the Catalyst Game Labs website in the coming days.  These are defective parts of BattleTech miniatures from our test runs or during the production process.  They consist of a mix of Tukayyid Black Knight and Stormcrow variants, though other prototype 'Mech parts may be included.  These are perfect for decorating the bases of your miniatures, creating objective markers for games, or using them to mark where BattleMechs have fallen in battle. Each bag is packed full with random parts and are priced for $10 each USD. You never know what might be in your bag, but there should be a good random mix of parts.

Creative Juggernaut believes in being a green company, so we are offering these salvage bits rather than send them to the landfill. We hope you will support us with your purchase of these overrun products.