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There is a secret formula.

True value is created by owning valuable Intellectual Properties.  While windfalls can certainly be created (and realized) through profitable business models, solid product performance, and actualized monetization vehicles – those profit figures pale when compared to the value of owning properly managed IPs.  True value is found in the combination of creating, owning and correctly managing brands.

This is no secret.  Hasbro knows it.  Disney knows it.  Nintendo and every major movie studio know it.  But what is in short supply are leaders with the subject matter expertise and discipline to properly manage IPs to their true potential. 

That is what makes the team behind Creative Juggernaut unique.  We have that expertise.  We know the formula.  It’s only a matter of time…

Brent Evans

Catalyst Game Labs

Blaine Lee Pardoe

New York Times Best Selling Author

Kevin Hughes

Director of Engineering

Eric J. Crew


Brent Evans

Brent Evans is a game industry veteran and award-winning Art Director, and the visionary behind Creative Juggernaut.  After two decades working in the corporate world by day and as a Freelance Illustrator by night, Brent took the reins as the Senior Art Director for Catalyst Game Labs.  There he built an entire Corps of Illustrators, hiring and developing hundreds of artists who produced award-winning imagery for some of the biggest gaming properties in the world - including BattleTech, Shadowrun, and D&D. 

In 2017 he took lead on the effort to completely overhaul the BattleTech game line, which resulted in the record-setting successes that game now enjoys.  Then in 2019, Brent turned his sights toward ‘building a better monster’ by creating a small group of companies designed specifically to launch and manage Intellectual Properties.  More importantly, manage those properties properly – with depth of channels (novels, comics, boardgaming, RPG's, miniatures, and film.)  

As a founder of Creative Juggernaut, Brent is focused on a ‘Made in America’ approach for the majority of our products. This isn’t nationalism, it’s about having control over our supply chain in an ever-evolving market.  Brent has forged key alliances with other gaming companies to ensure Juggernaut’s long-term success.

If Brent has a superpower, it is his ability to assemble and lead teams of creative individuals in bringing IPs to life in ways both creatively wondrous and financially profitable.  

Blaine L. Pardoe is one of the officers of Creative Juggernaut where he holds several titles (Chief Amazement Officer, Head Word-Herder, Concept Alchemist and Director of Tiger Castration).  Blaine cut his teeth in the gaming industry on the white boxed first edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  After college he wrote sourcebook material for a number of science fiction game franchise including the Star Trek RPG, Renegade Legions, Space 1889, Twilight 2000, and others.  He is best known for his work on BattleTech where he authored 11 novels in the BattleTech/MechWarrior line as well as countless sourcebooks.  He and Brent have known each other for years and were looking for the right combination of talent and creativity to work together.  
Blaine is a New York Times Bestselling Author, writing in a wide variety of genre’s including true crime, military history, horror, and business management.  Pardoe has been a featured speaker at the US National Archives, the United States Navy Museum, and the New York Military Affairs Symposium.  He was awarded the State History Award in 2011 by the Historical Society of Michigan and is a two time silver medal and one time gold winner from the Military Writers Society of America.  In 2013 Mr. Pardoe won the Harriet Quimby Award from the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame for his contributions to aviation history.  
His books have even been mentioned on the floor of the U.S. Congress.  He can be followed via Twitter (bpardoe870), on Facebook, and his blog

Spanning over 30 years of Mechanical Engineering, Robotics R&D and Manufacturing Engineering, including 14 years with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on numerous Space-flight and Mission-critical projects such as the Mars Science Laboratory "Curiosity", Aquarius, Diviner Mars Lunar Orbiter, the <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, and <redacted> as well as prototype R&D projects of <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, <redacted>, Kevin has a knack for making things work.

In 2018, he created the animatronic Awesome for Catalyst Game Labs as a merger between his interests of gaming, miniatures and industrial machinery.
With a focus on Lean Manufacturing and to evolve long-standing manufacturing industry practices by developing next-gen techniques, Kevin provides the direction of physical creation for Creative Juggernaut.

Eric J. Crew has been a long time nerd, techie, and inventor with a penchant and drive for finding solutions. He comes from a data background and has taught multiple sessions on SQL Server, and the benefits and perils of IT work.

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