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A Brent Evans Creation

"This isn’t just about a novel, this is a book that kicks off a new universe.  This is a whole new franchise: games, miniatures, books, and more!"

Jump on the train!  Join the team.  We are Creative Juggernaut and this is going to be a long fun ride…
What most gamers and sci-fi fans never get to see is the birth of a new fiction and gaming Franchise, to be on the inside – and experience a new universe coming together.  We wanted to give that to you…
…and it all starts with a good story.  Welcome to ground zero. Welcome to LAND&SEA.  Welcome to Splashdown.

I had to build the dream team to do it, bringing in Blaine to help bring this to life was important.  He is a celebrated military historian and had a ton of depth in gaming and writing killer fiction.

You are going to learn what is happening along with the main characters in this book. Some of this is true crime, some of it is a mystery, but it is the start of a conflict where you, as the readers, are going to have the chance, when the game comes out, to fight battles in your own backyards!

You’re not just buying a novel when you purchase this, you’re helping us launch a whole new universe of stories and gaming!  You see, LAND&SEA is not just about stories, it’s about you as the reader getting a chance to tell some of the stories yourself.

“You are joining in to a whole new universe of enriched stories, multimedia, and gameplay”

Core to this universe is the ASHUR’s, powered battle armored rigs based on contemporary technological innovations. The ASHUR’s and their pilots are waging a war against an unrelenting and unknown enemy. We plan on taking these unique units in some startling and exciting directions.  Don’t take my word for it, check out this profile of the Lion Class Rig 

As you can see, this is just a mouth-watering taste of what is to come.


We are producing this series of books for full commercial release on with the help of Wargate, and the sign up for Launch Day is available now on their site!  

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